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Free radicals cause cellular death!

More specifically they combine with oxygen and “oxidize” which cause the cell to become rusty or rancid and then die!

I know this might sound too scientific but honestly if I can get it anyone can.


Just being truthful here. Yes when I was in college (still a teenager) I flunked my first year of chemistry and the chemistry professor actually told me to pursue another career. Well we all know how the story turns out, obviously I didn’t listen to him. Who would?


I’m not sure why I flunked. There was a combination of reasons: It was boring, I was 18, it didn’t seem to have any bearing on anything, it was boring, and my mother died that year.

Turns out you don’t need to be a whiz in chemistry to be a good nurse. I have been one for 40 years and not looking to retire for another 4 years. 

The point is I want to be totally transparent with you if I am to convince you to trust me.  

What is astounding is that now, at age 62, I am actually interested in something totally “chemistry-fied” …FREE RADICALS! As I said at the beginning of this post, they kill cells. Cells that make up our bodies and everything in them. 

I know you have probably seen the word and might even know it has something to do with antioxidants. But I just learned this amazing process that takes place on a cellular level in our bodies every day every minute. It’s called cellular respiration.  Our cells breath.  It is during cellular respiration that FREE RADICALS are produced. They combine with oxygen and oxidize or cause cells to go rancid or rust. (Rusty and Rancid in our bodies is not a good thing). Just think of air tight containers. We put foods in them that we don’t want to spoil. We keep the air out so they do not get “oxidized.” 

There are several other ways FREE RADICALS are produced:

  1. During illness, the longer you are sick the more FREE RADICALs are produced.

  2. Many prescription drugs produce huge amounts of FREE RADICALS.

  3. The environment, pesticides, pollution, cigarettes

  4. Exercise, on the elite level. If you are one of these fatigue is a good sign you have too many FREE RADICALS running around. 

A certain amount are produced naturally and are released into our bloodstream. There must be something that FREE RADICALs are good for, ( remember cortisol?) but for the most part we don’t want them happening and either does our body.  So there are little fighter enzymes in our body called antioxidants.  Do you see where they come into play? They are like the air tight containers in a way.

Free Radicals are produced when oxidized then these little fighters neutralize them and so are rightly named  ANTI-OXIDANTS. I could get all technical and list their names but you won’t remember and they aren’t important. What is important is that we can boost the little fighters power by adding VITAMIN E, VITAMIN C , LIPOIC ACID, AND SELENIUM into our daily diet. As an advocate for natural weight loss, I don’t usually promote supplements…BUT…you could not possibly eat enough of the foods these vitamins are contained in to make a difference. That is why a daily multivitamin is now recommended by 3 MINUTEINC.COM

Wait until you find out what damage the little buggers can do. Basically FREE RADICALS can be traced back to the cause of most disease processes.

Now I know that people get sick, I am in the business of taking care of them.

So if there is something a person could do to possibly prevent illness and disease why wouldn’t he or she?

Obviously there is a lot more to it. But I wanted you to just get you mind wrapped around the importance of just knowing what it is and that you can do something to prevent disease. 

One last thing, you might be wondering if this has anything to do with losing weight. Surprisingly, the foods that are recommended are the foods that are also recommended in the PROTEIN POWERPUNCH REPORT! 

You can go out and do your own research or fill out form below for a trusted supplier of vitamins,  with great prices and delivered right to your door.

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We all need FAT and CARBS in our diets but let's face it why eat beau coup protein if it is loaded with fat and end up gaining weight instead of losing?

In this report I have done all the research for you and discovered some of the richest sources of protein that are actually good for you and listed them in order of highest to least and also included their sidekick content of fat and carb. 

Because there are so many variances from reference to reference when compiling this list, I decided if the food had protein content greater than 18g per serving it would be considered high under 18g medium and under 8g low. If it is included in the list it is significant enough to include in your diet. 

This list will take you out of that holding pattern you have been in and get you soaring to new heights with your weight loss and strength gaining goals. 


As an added bonus I am including recipes that I found and have tried and some that I actually created that are scrumptiously delicious.

If you have a sweet tooth say good bye to that old villain and say hello to my little friend...


Protein packs a powerful punch when it comes to satiety  and knocking cravings on their butts. Yes fat takes a lot of crap but without it we could be in big trouble.

  • Fat is necessary for the proper absorption of some vitamins, such as vitamin D, A, E and K, as well as lycopene, which has been shown to be instrumental in the battle against prostate cancer. Just sayin!

I like to think of fat as the Robin of my diet. What would Batman/Protein be without him? Meh...at his best! RIGHT?

This little report will make your life so much simpler and planning meals a breeze. No more waiting for your internet to load or searching countless sites and sifting through pages of dietary stats. I got it all right here Simple Simon, easy peasy. 

So just put in your info and you will be directed to the downloadable report in a jiffy. 

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