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canoe rideLast week I had the opportunity to chaperone, my grand daughter and 60 of her sixth grade classmates on a trip to the Olympic National Rainforest.

It was an awesome experience. Their minds are so open and bursting with fresh ideas. 

big trees in rainforest

Although the question did not come up during the week long learning experience, it crossed my mind what each of these beautiful minds will become as adults. They were more interested in all the cool stories told by our wonderful “Educator” Josh.  Especially the one about the “Soap Lady” at the bottom of Crescent Lake. 

kids around big tree

It did make me think of what I want to be.  Josh, who is also a forest ranger, said “most people say I really like being in the outdoors, so I will get a job I don’t really like so I can take trips to be outdoors. For him and many others this does not make sense. Including me.

So here is what I came up with!

We should all be able to do what we love to make a living. I love to help others and have been doing it for over 30 years, in my job as a nurse and as a mom, friend, sister and aunt

I want to use all my accumulated knowledge and skill that I have acquired doing my job as a nurse and my life experiences, to guide other women out of the pit of despair.

Because nurses “know things” I want to give them free information to get started, while dispelling the myths and hype surrounding the weight loss industry.

When they see how easy it is and want more, I will teach them in my class that I will only charge 50 bucks for. 

I want it to be affordable for everyone. I have spent money on things I have never used, so I want to be able to hold my students accountable. By charging this minimal fee, and by providing two schedule calls per session. 

cool bench in rainforest

What do you think?  Would you invest 50 bucks in yourself if it meant being able to change a lifestyle of struggling with your weight and body image?  

What do you want to be?


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