What the world needs now

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I read in the New York Times that the world is experiencing “Pandemic Fatigue” and “Precaution Exhaustion” I agree!

That doesn’t mean I am going to stop taking precautions.

As I have said in the past in regards to weight loss…

If we want change to come we must change

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This week TWO things happened well three that gave me a fresh start, a leg up, and a shot in the arm. It is what the world needs now.

The first thing was and encounter during my job as a Hospice Nurse. I met another little old lady who was dying. She was the sweetest, and had a son who was so obviously overwhelmed at losing her. She would crack a joke and keep up with his wise cracks. I am sure a way they have interacted for years. After our visit she extended her arms out and said, “Come on, bring it in, this is how I am” so against all the rules I went in for the hug and heard these words.

“Thank you for your friendship, compassion and love. Now I will pass that on to someone else, that is how it works”

little old lady

In that short period of time she taught me the meaning of life. She is an example of how to power through whatever exhaustion we are experiencing. In order to lift up ourselves we must lift up others. Which brings me to the second thing that happened.

My son was on the VOICE last night and turned 2 chairs. It was so exciting. His voice was like “Butta”. Our family all streamed it from the east coast feed at 5pm. We however live on the west coast so when it was actually on this side of the country lit up. My phone blew up with text messages, IG messages and everyone I follow posting about his success. It was a shot in the arm for everyone who was connected. My niece, my son’s cousin said all her friends were watching and now they are his biggest fans. This excitement and uplift got passed on to them.


The Voice as you know is a talent show with celebrity judges. This is season 19. The pandemic has made this year different in many ways.

  • There is a virtual audience that was added for the televised auditions
  • Family were allowed to watch on a live feed during audition from home and were taped for the televised version.
  • Testing for the virus done every 3 days to keep everyone safe
  • Some very inventive distancing due to no hugging between coaches and contestants,


Take this sage advice and put it to use today. Be kind to someone, show compassion and love. Get excited about something or someone else’s success it’s contagious. Let’s start spreading something other than the virus.

How about love?


The third thing was not uplifting at all. It was something that I have seen happen dozens of times at this time of year. Fall somehow disrupts a squirrels thinking and they often dart across the road and then freeze or appear to be confused and go back and forth. I have never hit one until this week. I stopped and thought he ran through under my car but apparently was just sitting in front of my back tire. So when I went forward I felt a little bump in the road. I shook me up the entire day. Our yard is a squirrels paradise. We name them and there is a family of what we call “Short tails”

I don’t know how this applies to the message above except that we just have to carry on when bad things happen and look for the good in the day.


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