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You have probably heard that phrase used in one of the many many hospital TV shows that so many of you watch religiously. Personally I find them hard to watch because I know those things just don’t go down that way. Especially when I see the doctors doing most of the patient care…..


But I am way off the track. What I want to talk about is when I say STAT I mean STAT.  Now STAT comes from the Latin word Statim which means immediately just in case you were wondering. I don’t actually say it very much but when a nurse yells it out you better get running because she means it.

Last night I met with a gathering of family and  friends. My two teenage nephews came up to me and both of them lifted their elbows up to show me something that was growing on them. I took one look at it and said “That looks like Impetigo!!!” Now I have been a nurse for 40 years. I have seen a lot of skin conditions and that one just popped right out of my memory banks and said “HI!”  My nephews kind of blew me off and said, “It’s going away, I’m putting this cream on it” I told them you need antibiotic to get rid of it, and then told their mom to


Why? Because it spreads like crazy! Not just on the person who has it but to everyone else and can get into your eyes and nose and mouth because it is so contagious.  GEEZ. IF I SAY TO GO IN JUST DO IT!

Here is why.

I never go to the doctor.

Most nurses don’t. Number one, we know most of the time if it is a virus or something that they aren’t going to do anything about or they might just give you antibiotic you don’t need just to cover their bases.  For instance, if your break your big toe, don’t bother going in because they will just take an xray and tell you your toe is broken. Sorry they don’t cast big toes.  We nurses know those things because we are the ones telling you what you can do when you get home. Apply ice, wrap it and elevate it. If I tell someone they need to go in, then THEY NEED TO GO IN!!!

So here is a list of reasons other than urgent life saving no time to think about it reasons, to go to the Emergency Room or make an appointment to see your doctor.

  1. You find a lump. Don’t wait for Gods sake, it could be something they can take care of right away.

  2. You are having chest pain, go to ER.

  3. You are having slurred speech or have facial droop, don’t wait remember S.T.O.P. and F.A.S.T.  go to ER

  4. You have persistent pain and no reason to have pain. Make an appointment if it lasts more than a week or two.

  5. You have hx of cancer and you have persistent pain or cough. Demand a CT. (cancer has a sneaky way of returning to other areas of your body)

  6. You have acquired a strange rash that your close friend also has. It is contagious and needs to be stopped before you give it to someone else.

  7. You have gone to the doctor but you are still having the same symptoms and you know something is wrong. Get a second opinion or go to urgent care.

I feel there is so much more that could possibly happen and I wish that I could say call me. That is what I have said to all my family and friends. Most of the time they do, but then when they don’t and then I hear about their nightmarish experience at the hospital I say, “Why didn’t you call me” I might just know the right questions to ask or question something that you were told or just out and out tell you to get up and go home. 

I know you would not feel comfortable calling or even emailing me. But if you have a friend or family member that is a nurse or doctor. Call them, get the inside scoop. There has to be someone you know that knows someone.

I am writing this because lately I have had so many friends ignoring symptoms. Maybe they didn’t notice them or maybe they just told themselves it was nothing. Believe me I know that if you are experiencing something different there is a little voice in the back of your head telling you…”hmm this is odd, maybe I should get it checked out”  DO IT! Don’t blow it off like my little punk ass nephews. If they don’t get their impetigo  treated they will not be able to participate in all their ‘SPORTS” they take so much pride in. Yeah schools are picky about things like contagious diseases, and bothersome things like LICE. So boys better listen to your old aunt. 

Do it STAT!

All you other readers out there..Listen to that little voice, don’t ignore the warning.

I have heard that many people  blame God for bad things like cancer or accidents, but I believe he puts early warning systems into place. We just need to listen to them. Start now to listen to your bodies cues and to the still small voice of knowing in your head… it takes practice. Let me give you an example of how small and insignificant it may seem. It could be as simple as, “wash that fruit first” which is one I have been getting a lot lately. So yes I am washing my fruit before I eat it. Not always wanting to but I figure there is a reason for it. We should all be doing it regularly. Are you getting the drift here.  It’s those little things that you just do that could be saving your life. 



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