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I wish I could say I know why you have restless legs but I don’t.

I can tell you a bit about the common “drugs” used to treat restless legs and a healthy alternative.

Yes I am a registered nurse and I am the aunt that everyone wants at their bedside when in the hospital as their advocate. I am the neighbor that everyone calls on to see if they should go to the ER for stitches, or how to dress a wound or look at a nasty rash and sometimes (and this really happened) to help them clasp on a necklace.

I try most of the time to not have to send anyone to the emergency room or doctors office. But also knowing where my boundaries are as a health professional I will never put anyone in danger. 

Not too long ago a friend of mine asked me what I thought about a drug he was taking for his “restless leg syndrome” “Not much” was my response.

I told him it would best to not take any for this symptom because no one really knows what causes it. 

Here are the most commonly prescribes drugs for restless legs:

  • Dopaminergic agents.  These drugs are also used for Parkinsons

  • Benzodiazepines.           These are commonly referred to in the medical profession as “Benzos” and are highly addictive

  • Opioids.                            They use these when nothing else works and also highly addictive

  • Anticonvulsants.             No explanation needed.

  • Alpha2 -adrenergic agonists.  Heavy duty blood pressure medications

  • Iron salt.                          is used to correct iron deficiency resulting from chronic hemodialysis.

So do you want to know what I do for restless legs?

Get up and move them! That’s what they want to do, so move them. Sometimes if I am laying down I will start kicking my legs up in the air, like doing that old bicycle exercise only in high speed and then they go away.

I also notice that it occurs most often when I am fatigued. You might say “yes I am fatigued because I can’t sleep because I have restless legs.”

But just as the mother of James in  James in the Giant Peach says “try looking at it in another way.”

Get plenty of exercise. Start walking and get that good tired. One hour of walking will give you a nice healthy tired and may give you a good nights rest. Drink plenty of water and when it is sunny get out there and absorb it.

As for the drugs…try looking up some of the side effects that those power drugs can cause and make an informed decision.

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