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So in my last post I revealed to you my addiction to sweets. However I want to share a little victory with you regarding that very thing. So here’s the deal, I have found that whenever I eat sweets the next day I have a terrible ache in my stomach. Feels like acid burning the bottom of my actual stomach lining. So right there is motivation for me not to eat them right? But with addicts sometimes that is not enough. I have found though that by sticking to a few simple guidelines my sweet tooth is gradually disappearing and evolving into more of an appreciation than an addiction. With only one week of following these simple tricks you will start to see the difference and then the motivation to feeling good will be overpowering and victory will be there for  you as well.  So here they are:

  1. Continue to drink the ice water 2 glasses on rising and 1 before each meal and 1 during
  2. Find foods or meals you can eat during the day that are both filling and satisfying, usually need protein and carb to achieve this. Stay away from breads as you are really just eating sugar
  3. Stick to a simple (blandish)  diet in other words and try it for the one week. To make it simple just eat a couple different menus and alternate them each day or the same one everyday.
  4. Don’t buy any sweets. Keep them out of your house. If you really are having a fit buy some nuts, for some reason they can satisfy a sweet tooth in a pinch. Especially walnuts and cashews, but don’t go overboard they are loaded with FAT. Fresh fruit will do too.
  5. Don’t eat after 8pm.

Simple right? Give it a try and let me know what you think. Not buying the sweets is big. You will see who the sweet monsters are in your home as well, because when there aren’t any sweets they come out of the woodwork and cracks in the floorboards, trying to find them.

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