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“I lost x amount of weight without diet or exercise, yada yada yada…!”

I’m thinking why would you not exercise!???

Our bodies were created to MOVE.

You have heard me rant on this before when I compared those of you who do not exercise to the movie Wall-e. In this movie which is about an adorable little robot, earth has been contaminated forcing people to exist in a spaceship city, and basically becoming nonmoving entities, reliant on their computers and virtual existence for survival. They are blobs.

There is another more recent movie about a colony of people on Mars where the gravity is much different than on earth and they train everyday, with the motto plastered on the gym wall,


Ok are you getting it now. We don’t want to lose any of them correct?

We need to exercise our bodies to keep them in the best physical shape to live productive lives. We need to nourish them properly and keep off excess weight as to not stress the structure of our bodies, causing pain and strain in our bones and muscles.

We also need to exercise our rights. I’m talking about our rights as citizens of whatever country we live in. Vote! It does no good to bury your head in the sand like whatever is going on in the country does not affect you. Get involved. Know what is going on and take action in a positive way. Join a group that is raising money to support good people who can make change. DO NOT GET ON FB and RANT and use the F word. THAT does not do anyone any good. It just fuels the fire of anger.

We need to exercise acts of random kindness. Think about who you could help today. Today do something about something Find one thing that you have the power to change and change it. Do it to help others, do it because it is the right thing to do..do it for yourself.

Lastly we need to exercise our minds. This should be a daily practice for all of us.  Our minds have incredible abilities if we practice using them in that way. In my last post I wrote about the power the mind has over the body, in relationship to our heart health. This is powerful. My doctor told me that my arteries are becoming thickened, not because of my lifestyle because I have no heart disease risks, but because of how I react to stress. This is something that apparently is totally reversible. Believe me I intend to all that I can do to do just exactly because of what I value. There are things I have already put into place, like dietary changes. I have taken sugar out of the equation. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Because in the past I could FAST for maybe a month or so and then go back to my addiction. This time it is for good and for me that is sad. But I would much rather do this than have to stick myself with a needle everyday for the rest of my life.  I have added cinnamon capsules Herb Capsules to my daily supplements as well as a baby aspirin,

This Christmas I received a diffuser with essential oilsAromatherapy Products from my daughter that I love and have found that it actually is very effective in relieving stress and combating insomnia.

I have included links for you to buy your own diffuser from one of the best quality suppliers I have found. I strongly encourage you to use qualified and reputable suppliers of these oils and herbs to be sure you are getting what you paid for.
Bulk Herbs and Natural Products for Healthy, Natural Living

STARWEST BOTANICALSBulk Herbs and Spices  is one of the best suppliers and you can buy in bulk as well. Love this company. Check out their books on how to use essential oils and diffusers.Books and Reference Materials

Sometimes we find ourselves doing jobs and living lives we would have never dreamed of doing and love it, sometimes it is misery.

Our values are those principles and qualities that matter to us, that are really important to our sense of well being.

They are the ideas and beliefs on which we base our decisions. They become like an invisible DNA that controls our sense of right and wrong.

Sometimes, somewhere along the line, we fool ourselves into a false belief system.

We believe it doesn't matter if we are in alignment with our values for some things...like what we eat and how healthy our bodies are.

We become overweight and ignore our values. The fact that if we value our family and our children, our health should be number one priority so that we will be around to take care of them and enjoy them as they grow up and have families of their own.

Are you getting the idea here?

We have come to believe lies.

dont listen to the liesTake the assessment today, find out what you are aligned with.


A registered nurse with a passion to dispel weight loss myths and revolutionize the fitness culture with one simple truth. There is only one way to lose weight that all fitness and weight loss plans are based on and that is to EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE. I have developed a unique technique that incorporates short bursts of moderate intensity exercise into your day throughout the day without the drama and chaos of making multiple wardrobe changes.