Your Feet are Crusty!!!

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brad pittGuess what beautiful people have crusty feet too.

I will never forget the first time I realized that my curse of dry cracked heels was not just my own.

I was 20 something, just starting out in my career field and living in my dream loft apartment. One day while enjoying the amenities, sunning by the pool I was feeling pretty darn good about myself when…

…SHE walked on deck.

A seemingly flawless drop dead gorgeous beauty.

My little bubble burst as her brillance out shined anyone else that was out that day.

Surprisingly she sat next to me and I soon found myself talking with her. She turned out to have a hysterical sense of humor and soon I was rolling off my chaise lounge.

It was then that she shared with me her flaw.

She brought the bottoms of her feet up for me to look at and said

“aren’t these attractive?”

Together we talked about all of our attempts to cure this plague of crusty heels. Pumice stones, vaseline and socks at night, scrubs…all without any real success for either of us.

It was then that I began on my personal quest as a RN to find a cure. It wasn’t until 20 years later that I actually discovered it just by doing my job.

To find out just send me a little message about your crusty feet and I will have it in your inbox lickety split!

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